I want to register right now and work independently through the program OR Register for Diamond Program
to work alongside Sarah with 8 Body Peace Coaching sessions included.

Body Peace Online Chttps://www.fatyoga.com.au/shop/pack-of-52-body-peace-inspiration-cardsourse

What is included? 

9 Professionally shot videos of Sarah talking through the topic of the week with her trademark humor and engaging style.

3 Professionally Shot Yoga Classes A "Yin" Style Class, a "Flow" Style Class and a "Restorative" style class. All modular to fit into your life. 

An 80 page Body Peace Handbook A week by week practical workbook packed with strategies, resources and self-reflection to help you get the most out of the program and really dive deep into how to create Body Peace in your life. 

Do you want to feel more ease and comfort
in your body?

Are you sick of feeling uncomfortable and
hating your body?  

Are you putting things off till you get to a 'magic' number or shape. not truly living? 

Do you constantly think or feel badly about your body?

Do you want to be able to accept your body without fad diets, or punishing exercise regimes? 

What is the Body Peace Program? 

Body Peace is the first of course of it's kind to bring together embodied practice (yoga) and evidence based therapy to help heal your relationship with your body in flexible, innovative course packed with resources. 

How can you truly heal your relationship to your body without working in an 'embodied' way through yoga, meditation and body sensing? This course elegantly brings both together so you can really come home to your body, your one and only home. 

Sarah has developed a groundbreaking 8 week course which offers both yoga and therapy to bring you ease and comfort in your body, working across all mediums to help you work both independently and as part of a movement of others to find body peace. 


Add on Extras: A pack of 52 "Body Peace" Cards, 8 Individual 40 minute Skype Sessions with Sarah to guide you personally through the program, A optional Facebook Group to connect with others doing the course at the same pace as you and a weekly "Facebook Live" chat to connect with Sarah and have your questions answered.