All the important stuff

Do I need to book ahead?

Yes. Fat Yoga classes are often booked out so you will need to book ahead. The booking system on the website allows our teachers just to check you in on arrival, the teachers do not have the facilities to take money, only check you in! 

What do I need to bring? How do I know where to go? 

Great Questions! Each studio is different! All the info is on the locations page you will be able to see all the info on your unique studio. Most have mats, sometimes we have BYO mat classes but it's not the norm! Otherwise you don't need much! Just comfy clothes, water if you like it and leave all your stress at the door :-) 

How do I know I am fat enough for Fat Yoga?

These classes are for people who identify as fat to find a safe and supportive space to joyfully move their bodies without judgement and to learn the beautiful practice of yoga! It’s up to you to identify yourself as “fat”, but there is no pressure to use the word yourself! I don’t put a “number” or size on it as people of different heights may fit into different sizes! If you are really worried about it, it may help to know we do have a “range” of sizes in our classes. Students range from “small fat” to “super fat” and everything in-between! If you are concerned please contact Sarah or read this BLOG

Why do you call it “Fat Yoga”

The reason we call it Fat Yoga is to challenge the stigma and hurt this word can have in our community.
The inspiration comes from the Fat Activist and Feminist communities all over the world, who are reclaiming it!

Why are are the teachers different sizes? 

 You will notice we are of all sizes! Fat and thin. There are only a handful of fat bodied yoga teachers in Australia so I have found, trained and educated, compassionate, body positive and skilled teachers regardless of size.  They are awesome humans with special skills in creating safe spaces. 

Is Fat Yoga different to regular yoga?

The yoga practice has all the same elements as a regular class. However there are lots of modifications offered and special care is taken to make sure all bodies are comfortable. We take particular care of knees.  Our mission is for you to be comfortable and relaxed in class.  All fitness levels and bodies are welcome, including pregnancy (with the OK of your Dr.)

Can I make changes to my bookings?

Yes, within 48 hours you can change your time or location. After that time you may offer you pass on the private Facebook group (click here) to anyone who would like to take it, but this is a free offering, you cannot ask for money for you class in the group.

I am a total beginner what should I expect?

I have written about what to expect from your first class HERE

Why are you so strict about start times?

Classes must start on time. I know it's tough sometimes to get to class on time with life getting in the way! However it is a practice of all yoga studios not to allow late comers for your safety (you won't be properly warmed up) and for the comfort of the other class members (it interferes with people's practice)

Should I eat before class?

Food and drink: We usually recommend you don't eat a heavy meal at least an hour prior to yoga. It's just more comfy that way!

Types of yoga we practice?

Often the classes will rotate between different styles to give you a fun and varied experience of yoga.

Yin classes

The Yin postures are held on the floor for 3–5 minutes, working on a deep level with connective tissue and fascia. This is a luscious stretch of the entire body in a supported way, utilising props. Calm and deeply stretch. Suitable for all bodies.

Gentle Flow classes

A classic gentle flowing style that is accessible to all fitness levels and body types. A beautiful and accessible way to to slowly move the body, there are seated, standing and lying postures. Sarah has designed these classes to flow in an "arch" so that you don't have to get up and down frequently and just enjoy the joy of movement.  Build balance and strength and flexibility. We also utilise props in these classes. Suitable for all bodies.

Hatha Yoga

A classical style of yoga based on traditional postures. A lovely traditional and classical class. This class also works on the same "Arc" style as Sarah's classes so we don't jump up and down, we start lying and slowly come to stand and then back down to lying at the end.  Suitable for all bodies.

Restorative classes

Restorative postures are similar to Yin, but a bit gentler. They are also practiced on the floor and use a lot of props. They are held from 5–7 minutes generally to restore the nervous system, soothe and de-stress!  Suitable for all bodies. Sooooo relaxing.

What to wear

No need for fancy pants! Just something you can move freely and comfortably in. In yoga we don't wear shoes, we always leave them at the door. You may like to have a couple of layers and socks for the Yin and Restorative classes. There is a list of places to buy clothes HERE


There are bathrooms at each location big enough to change in if you like.

Subsidised places

To keep Fat Yoga accessible to all we offer subsidised and free places to those in need. Please email to apply.